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Altum Angels–An Overview

The Altum Angel (Pterrophyllum Altum) is a species of Angelfish found in Rio Negro and the Rio Orinoco, tributaries of the Amazon in South America.

Their name comes from Altum, Latin for tall.  These fish can reach a height of 30 centimetres with a length of only 15 cms.

Their majestic and graceful appearance makes them a very sought after Aquarium fish.  They are also very expensive as they are difficult to breed.    Very few breeders have managed to successfully breed Altums in Captivity. 

The Altum Angel is a slightly difficult fish to care for.  It is also difficult to breed, although, they have been bred successfully in captivity.  It is also very rare. 

Many Altum Angels are still caught in the wild.  These fish need to be acclimatized to the aquarium gradually.  Altum Angels need to be fed live foods initially.  They can then be gradually weaned to foods such as brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms.

The pH should be between 4.5 to 6.5 .  The ideal temperature range is between 28°C- 30°C.
Altum Angels have a peaceful temperament and can be kept with other peaceful fishes.  However, they consider smaller fish their prey.  Hence, they cannot be kept with fishes such as the Neon tetras and Cardinal Tetra. 

Altums should never be kept with other Angelfish as they can interbreed and form hybrids.