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Breeding Angelfish

Angelfish are prolific breeders.  It is very easy to breed them once the necessary conditions such as temperature and pH are correctly set.

Separate the breeding pair and introduce them into a separate aquarium.  This is necessary to protect the eggs from other community fish and to provide a stress-free environment for the fish.

Angelfish form pairs during breeding.  You can introduce a male and female angelfish into the tank.  If you are not able to sex the angelfish, introduce about six angelfish.  The fish will pair off by themselves. 

The Temperature should be between 24 to 27 degrees Celsius. 
Feed your fish with lots of protein based foods such as shrimps and bloodworms.

Provide an inclined surface at an angle of about 30 degrees.  The surface can be a rock or a large leaf.
The Angelfish will start breeding with the female first laying the eggs on the surface and the male fertilizing them with his sperm.

The pair will be highly aggressive towards any other fish which strays near the eggs. 
The eggs will hatch in about 3 days. Unfertilized eggs will turn white.

Sometimes, the eggs can be attacked with fungus.  To prevent this, methylene blue can be added to the aquarium.  The fry can be fed brine shrimp for a few days.  As they grow bigger, they can be provided with