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Bonsai as a Business. Bonsai Associations.

Bonsai as a Business

Bonsai is more than just a hobby. It can also be a business. While many people admire Bonsai trees for their beauty and elegance, very few people have the patience and skill to grow a bonsai on their own. There is a good market for readymade Bonsais. Bonsai trees command good prices based on the age, species and appearance.

Many customers, particularly companies like to have bonsai trees in their offices on a rental basis as they may not be able to care for the trees on their own.

Bonsai experts are also in demand for training classes.  The Bonsai publishing industry is also well established. Experienced Bonsai practitioners can publish books,blogs,etc.

Here are some easy steps to start a Bonsai Business

Approach Gift Shops with Bonsai. 
Many people may want to gift something different to their friends and loved ones.  A bonsai may be the perfect choice.

Get in touch with Interior Decoration Companies
Interior Decoration Companies may consider placing Bonsai trees  in the…

Lifespan of a Bonsai Tree

Bonsai is an art form which deals with the growth and care of miniature trees. Practically any tree can be made into a Bonsai. The lifespan of a Bonsai Tree is the same as that of the tree in the wild. With proper care and nutrition, many trees last generations and are passed over as prized heirlooms within families.

There are specimens which are said to be 500 years old. In the wild, the roots of the trees can grow underground in search of water and nutrients. At home, in a Bonsai tray, the plant is entirely dependent on the owner for its nutrients and water. Thus, the Bonsai should be cared for like a pet. Trees which are taken care of are healthy and live longer. They can resist pests and diseases better. Temperature and Humidity are important parameters to be maintained.

Bonsai should not be exposed to frost or excessive cold.

Trimming of the Bonsai

Trimming plays a role in longevity by removing diseased or unhealthy branches of the tree. If a portion of the tree has been attacked by …

Selecting a Bonsai Pot . Pruning and Height of Bonsai.

Selecting a Bonsai Pot or Container

The Pot or the container has a major role in the Bonsai set up. The pots serves to hold the soil. It also adds to the appearance of the tree.

The Pot or the container should be selected keeping in mind the tree species and the desired size of the final Bonsai.. The pot should be of sufficient size as to accommodate the root system and permit growth.

A rule of thumb is that the depth of the pot should be equal to the diameter of the tree trunk immediately above the ground. The width of the pot should be 2/3rd of the height of the tree.

A Bonsai plant will be housed in different pots during its growth. Young Bonsai Plants have to be trained. The Bonsai plant is kept is progressively smaller pots
The color of the pot should not be distracting. The colour of the pot should complement the tree and its foliage. The colour depends on the color of the tree. Try to find out how the tree will look during the different seasons of the year. Brown pots are ideal.


Growing Bonsai Moss

Bonsai Moss

Moss are small flowerless plants which grow in the soil. Moss grow in damp ground with indirect or little light. Moss belong to the division Bryophyta. Bryophytes are plants without roots, trunk or leaves. They adhere to the soil by means of structures called rhizoids which resemble threads.
In Bonsai, Moss is used to to cover the soil in the pot.

The benefits of Moss in Bonsai are
Moss gives an appearance of realism to the Bonsai set up. Moss on the soil gives the look and feel of a real forest floor.
Moss also prevents dehydration of the soil.
Moss prevents soil erosion when watering the bonsai
It prevents birds from digging up the soil in searching for worms.
Cultivating Moss
Moss is present in nature in almost all wet areas. You can remove the moss from a wet area and transplant it to your bonsai ground.
Some hobbyists dry the moss in sunlight. The moss disintegrates into a fine powder. This powder can be sprinkled on the surface of the bonsai floor. ‘
Keep the floor surface wet.…

Flowers and Fruits in Bonsai. Growing Bonsai from seeds. Bamboo Bonsai.

Growing Bonsai from seed

Growing a Bonsai Tree from a seed is a very rewarding experience. Almost all Trees can be grown from seeds. 

You can get the seeds for Bonsai at all hobby or gardening stores. “Bonsai Seeds” are seeds of normal trees. There are no special seeds for Bonsai.

Bonsai Seeds take time to germinate. In nature, seeds of trees germinate at a particular season. Many seeds remain dormant during winter. Seeds require the correct temperature, humidity and time of the year to germinate. Before your buy the seed, learn about the tree and its natural environment.

Seeds can be germinated naturally outside or they can be germinated artificially in a special tray or a glass house.  Place the seeds to be germinated in a tray. The soil can be a mixture of soil and organic soil. Keep the soil moisture. Do not overwater.

The Seeds usually germinate in the spring if they are allowed to germinate naturally. The seedlings can be allowed to grow in the tray for one year.  When they are one y…

Watering Bonsai and Fertilizers

Watering your Bonsai

Water is vital for any plant. Your Bonsai needs water at the right amount. It is important that the correct amount of water is given. The two mistakes which can happen are overwatering and underwatering.

Overwatering is adding more water than is necessary to the Bonsai. Overwatering can drain the nutrients from the soil. Overwatering does not allow the root to develop as the plant can access moisture easily without sending roots into the soil. In extreme cases, overwatering can damage the roots and cause them to decompose. 


Underwatering is adding less water the soil. Underwatering can cause the plant to wilt. This is easily noticeable by observing the leaves. Always ensure that Bonsai plant has adequate water.  The water requirements of the Bonsai change with the seasons of the year and the climactic conditions. 

Before watering the plant, check the soil for moisture. By looking at the color of the soil, it will be possible to identify whether it is wet…

Bonsai - An Overview

An Introduction to Bonsai

Bonsai is an ancient art form which originated in Japan.  Bonsai deals with growing and maintaining miniature trees.  The trees can be made to grow into very small versions of adult trees by special techniques of pruning the branches and the roots.

The Bonsai Trees look like perfect miniature replica of the original trees.  Bonsai trees can be placed  in homes or outdoors. 

Sometimes wires are used to direct a branch in a particular direction.  A Bonsai tree can be accommodated in a small pot or a tray. Though originally from Japan, the art of Bonsai is hugely popular around the world.

It is a very rewarding hobby , particularly for those with an artistic bent of mind.  Bonsai trees take many years to grow.  However, many shops and hobbyists also provide sell bonsai which is a few years old.

Tools for Bonsai

It is only natural that a specialized art form like Bonsai will have its own set of instruments ad tools.  The tools developed for Bonsai are intended to make …

Budgies - An Introduction

Budgies are beautiful birds that make nice pets. They require relatively less maintenance and therefore are ideal for beginners. These lovely birds are intelligent, extremely social and bond well with humans. With training they can be taught a variety of tricks.
The budgie or budgerigar is a native of Australia. They belong to the parrot family.. The scientific name of the budgie is Melopsittacus undulatus. The natural habitat of the budgie is arid, semi-desert. Budgies, like other members of the parrot family tend to live in large colonies. Their diet consists chiefly of seeds.

Buying your Budgies

Budgies can be bought from almost all pet shops. It is important to check that the shops maintain the birds in good and hygienic conditions. See that the birds are active and healthy. It is good to buy the birds in pairs as they will bond. Most pet shops will put your budgies in a box for the journey home. Ensure that the box has adequate means of ventilation.

Setting up the Bird Cage

A good cag…

Food and Water for Budgies and Preventing Night Frights

Feeding Budgies

The staple food of budgies in the wild is usually grass seeds. However, in captivity budgies thrive well on a diet of seeds, millets, whole grain breads and sprouts. A varied diet provides all essential nutrients and keeps the budgies well nourished. A varied diet also prevents obesity as opposed to a diet exclusively on seeds.

Place the seeds in a flat dish so that it is easy for removal The feeding can be done once a day. Seeds which have not been eaten by the budgies can be reused. Just blow over the feeding dish to remove the husk and then top up the remaining seeds. 

Budgies also love coriander leaves and greens. Beetroot, spinach, lettuce and cabbage may also be given. Put these leaves into the cage and watch the budgies tear them up into little bits as they eat them. Give only fresh leaves as old or refrigerated leaves may cause digestion problems for the budgies. Remove any leftovers from the cage.

Foods NOT to be given

Do not give Avocados, chocolates, apple seeds,…

Cages, Nests and Lighting for Budgies

Choosing a cage for you Budgies is extremely important. The following are some of the tips for someone searching for a suitable cage for their budgies. Budgies are extremely active birds. When choosing a cage it is important to ensure that the cage is wide enough for the birds to fly across the cage and exercise themselves.

Place two perches on either ends of the cages for the birds to perch themselves. The perches should be at least an half an inch thick to prevent damage to the budgies' feet.

The bars of the bars should be spaced not more than 1/2 inch apart. A larger spacing can cause budgies to stick their heads out of the cage with the risk of the head getting trapped between the bars.
There should be sufficient number of horizontal bars as budgies are avid climbers and love to climb the cage walls.

The cage should ideally be rectangular in shape. Avoid circular cages as they make budgies a bit insecure. The cage should have a removable tray at the bottom to remove waste and keep…

Choosing a veterinarian for your budgies

Medical intervention by a veterinarian may be critical to your budgie's life in emergency situations. Hence, you must locate a veterinarian in your locality before any emergency befalls your budgie. Once you move to a new locality it is better to look up the telephone listings or the internet to locate a suitable veterinarian for your bird.

Vets best suited for your budgies are usually Avian veterinarians who specialize in treating birds. Avian veterinarians are specially trained to treat birds .

Check out the vet's accreditations and qualifications. These can be obtained from the local Professional association for Avian veterinarians.
Talk to your vet about his experience with treating budgies in particular, his fees and his schedule (whether he will make house visits and emergency calls, in the night, for example).
It is good if the vet has budgies at his home. Such vets may be better accustomed to the needs of budgies.
Check out the ambience of the clinic and the approach of the…

Origami - The Art of Paper Folding

Setting up your Origami Business

 Origami can be more than just a pastime. There is a great demand for elegant and well made origami products around the world. Origami can be used to decorate a show case and in interior decorating. Origami Wall hangings command good value in the market.

If you are an Origami enthusiast who wants to launch their product, the following steps would be helpful.

Approach Gift Shops and business near your locality
Gift Shops may give you shelf space for your products so that customers may buy them. Origami can be very appealing gifts. Business may be in need for gifts to their customers and employees.

Approach Interior Decoration Companies
Interior Decoration companies are always on the look out for wall hangings and mountings for their projects. They may be interested in your products.

Get a Website.
You need a website to showcase your product. A website also gives you credibility and helps in branding

Get good photographs of your products
Engage a professional phot…